Unashamed, provocative, over the top:
Why we endorse senseless pollution

In today’s age of environmental consciousness, it has become highly politically incorrect to be active in, or even just defend, motorsports and gas-powered pastimes. Recreational activities are frowned upon for the simple fact that they involve burning fuel and emitting exhaust fumes. Sports and communal leisure activities, otherwise portrayed as something overwhelmingly positive and healthy, are suddenly considered decadent, inconsiderate, antisocial, unhealthy, or even evil. All that for the small technicality of whether the sporting equipment involved is equipped with an internal combustion engine.

There is wide-spread societal and legal backlash against recreational vehicles equipped with gas engines. Restrictions are put on engines that cause comparatively more air pollution, even if they are more efficient, and hence better suited for sports and competition purposes. Limitations are put on the areas where recreational motor vehicles may be used. Parents are criticized for introducing their children to motorsports, one of the reasons being that it’s supposedly wrong to let them grow accustomed to motors from an early age. Supporting or promoting motorsports in general is seen as fighting against the growing, global environmental awareness – which in itself is doubtlessly worthy and positive.

We want to oppose this momentum by not playing down the pollution caused by these sports and pastimes, but acknowledging it as an integral part of the fun, and celebrating it. We do, however, want to put it into perspective as having a negligible effect on overall environmental pollution. We thereby point out that time and effort spent antagonizing motorsports is not productive, and better spent elsewhere. In an overpopulated world with only lightly regulated industries, the pollution caused by a few people for fun and sports is not going to have any measurable effect. In contrast, the polluting aspects are, indeed, part of the fun and cannot be replaced. Employing electrically powered vehicles, for instance, would mean taking away an integral aspect of the sports, in effect creating something new and very different from real motorsports. Without the noise of revving engines, the smell of oil and racing fuel, and thick, blue clouds of pungent exhaust fumes wafting off into the landscape, the soul of motorsports is missing. Apart from keeping the planet habitable, life should also be kept worth living. Having some “dirty fun” polluting the environment is human nature, and we want to defend everybody’s right to partake in it!

While there is a general, global drive to reduce air pollution, the sports and leisure sectors seem to be disproportionately heavily attacked, as opposed to industrial or transport sectors with a perceived better “purpose” than fun and recreation. We realize that it’s those areas where change can and must happen in order to protect Earth’s climate. Consequently, we posit that legislation needs to target transport and industry, while no restrictive action should be taken against motorsports and motorized leisure activities, where pollution is not avoidable and shouldn’t be reduced. Oil, gas and exhaust are an integral and irreplacable part of it, and eliminating them would mean eliminating a lot of the fun of motorsports along with it.

There must be no emission limits on vehicles operated out in the countryside, away from public roads. There must also be no restrictions on the production, sale and use of two-stroke engines, as their distinct sound, smell, and visible fumes are not just undesirable side effects, but the heart and soul of these matchless vehicles beloved by so many, especially young people.

Curb pollution where alternative energy sources are an equivalent replacement, so that we can leave deregulated those remaining areas, where exhaust fumes are an integral part of the fun, joy, and appeal.

It seems only fitting to also celebrate the appeal of riding and motorsports gear while we’re at it. There is an undeniable sex appeal to the clothes and protective equipment worn for motorsports and motorized leisure activities. Motors, as well as exhaust fumes and the smell of gas, have always been considered attractive by most people. Naturally, designers seek to reinforce this appeal when designing the suits, helmets, boots, protectors, and other items worn by riders as they compete, or just enjoy the great outdoors with their motor vehicles.

We also include some other types of protective outdoor and extreme sports clothing in our tribute, such as rain gear, wetsuits, winter sports clothing, hi-vis gear, and protective suits. They similarly serve the purpose of protecting their wearer from nature and the environment as they are exploring it, making them look equipped to survive even in the most adverse circumstances.

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