We love and celebrate motorized sports and leisure activities.

Against all political correctness, we acknowledge that pollution is not just an unfortunate side effect, but part of the appeal of motorsports. Exhaust fumes are not just harmful, they’re also beautiful and fun!

At first, seeing nature being polluted with toxic exhaust fumes just for fun and sport might seem wrong and saddening. But overcome your guilty conscience, and you’ll discover its charm. It’s a special pleasure to know that you contributed your very own part to polluting our environment for no real purpose at all. And it’s particularly fulfilling to realise that those thick, blue, pungent and noxious exhaust fumes you just blew out into the previously pristine air, are probably going to stay there, contaminating the atmosphere for many thousands of years into the future – your own little piece of immortality!

Of course, these views and opinions are highly controversial. However, they’re also fundamentally human, and much more wide-spread than many people think – or would hope! This site is supposed to be a safe haven, where it’s alright to admit that exhaust fumes look good, smell nice, are sexy, and that “senseless” air pollution is fun and exciting.

Topics this site covers include:

Motocross exhaust fumes Exhaust fumes
Particularly of two-stroke engines, whose fumes are hundreds of times more harmful than those of a modern car.
Karting exhaust fumes
Karting Motorsports and motorized leisure activities
Anything that involves burning fossil fuels for the purposes of sports, competition, fun and recreation.
Motocross girl Female and junior motorsports
Because motors should be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of sex, and from as early an age as possible.
Karting kids

If you’re out polluting the environment, you have to protect yourself against it. That’s why we also appreciate the beauty of different kinds of protective gear. Highlighting humanity’s dissociation from nature, a person wearing racing gear is barely recognisable beneath it anymore. It’s a symbol of mankind’s conquest over nature, and its rise above it. Therefore, motorsports gear is the perfect outfit for any man or woman having fun polluting the air that they and everyone around them has to breathe!

The site also covers:

Motocross gear Racing gear and protective gear
Clothing and equipment designed and worn exclusively for motorized sports and leisure.
Motorcycle racing gear
Karting helmet Helmets
As worn for riding motorcycles or other recreational motor vehicles.
Motocross helmet
Rain gear Synthetic clothing
More general clothing to protect the wearer from the environment, such as rain gear, winter jackets, or hi-vis safety gear.
Winter jackets
Wetsuit Protective clothing
Other synthetic, protective clothing protecting humans from nature, such as wetsuits, drysuits, or chemical protection suits.

There are other forms of environmental destruction that we can’t deny have a certain appeal, among which we also enjoy the felling of beautiful and healthy trees. It may take hundreds of years for one of them to grow, but it takes a person with a chainsaw just a few minutes to cut it down – and it’s gone forever! If you’ve ever been lucky enough to witness first-hand some of these majestic beings being taken down to the sound of rattling chainsaws, you know what an awe-inspiring sight it is. Let alone seeing an entire piece of forest being cut down in just a few hours, completely and irrevocably transforming the landscape. Few interactions between man and nature are as striking and powerful to watch – or as long-lasting!

We’re also fond of this:

Cutting down a tree Tree fellings and deforestation
Felling majestic and healthy trees, cutting down pristine forests, or clearcutting entire areas.
Clearcut forest
Exhaust fumes for fun Aimless air pollution
Polluting the air just for fun and enjoyment… you know you love just watching and smelling those clouds!
Senseless pollution
Exhaust gas 2 Mindless air pollution
…or for no reason at all, out of sheer carelessness, laziness, or indifference! Keep that engine running at all times.
Exhaust gas 1

We encourage everyone to go out there and have their own fun with motors! Get your own dirtbike, quad, jetski, kart, or anything else that’s fun and has a two-stroke engine – even if it’s just a lawn trimmer! Fill up the tank, add a generous drop of oil, pull or kick that starter, and we promise: once you twist the throttle for the first time, look back to see and smell your first own, thick, blue fume shoot out of the exhaust pipe, and see it graciously waft away into a beautiful piece of nature that was perfectly pristine just a second ago, you’ll be hooked and there will be no turning back!

And if you do, don’t forget to snap a picture or shoot a video! We always love seeing beautiful people having fun burning lots and lots of fuel. And the better we can bring across the beauty, fascination and attractiveness of exhaust gas to others, the more people will discover and join the fun! Mother Nature will just have to deal with the fact that this movement will take off, and many more humans will turn into its worst nightmare 😀

Note: This site does not have a political agenda. It is a non-profit movement and initiative whose goal is to foster, celebrate, and propagate a fondness and pastime which is all-too-often neglected, suppressed, or even vilified, for reasons of political correctness or excessive and misplaced environmental awareness. Engines and exhaust fumes are fun and exciting, regardless of age, sex, place of living, ethnic background, wealth, or political motivations. It should not be about anything else but the sheer pleasure of blowing a wicked cloud of noxious fumes into the air!

Caution: Please stay safe. Exhaust fumes smell nice, but that doesn’t change the fact that they’re very, very dangerous to your health. Inhaling exhaust fumes leads to unconsciousness and death within minutes, and breathing them in for prolonged periods severely increases your risk of getting lung cancer.

Only play with exhaust fumes when you’re outdoors, never in an enclosed area. Make sure that there is enough ventilation, that the fumes have room to blow away and don’t gradually build up around you. The safest place to enjoy exhaust fumes is out in open nature, with fresh air all around you, where the poisonous fumes can disperse quickly. Try to avoid riding in the wake of other riders for too long, so you don’t breathe in what comes out of their tailpipes.

Respirators don’t help, they are not strong enough to filter out the pollutants of the exhaust fumes of internal combustion engines. The danger is in the lack of oxygen. The only effective protection against exhaust fumes is fully enclosed gas mask with an oxygen-fed, self-contained breathing apparatus. Also, follow any laws on the prevention of air pollution that may be binding in your area (you unlucky one 🙂).

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